About us

Kiwi FIOLET napis-01The idea arose from a passion.

Kiwi consists of two sisters, twins. Almost everything divides them. Character, appearance, approach to life. Combines the love for discovering new places, cultures, flavours. Monika “works” globally, Karolina more locally.

Monika Flawia

Monika Flawia

Traveler, dreamer, optimist. Still smiling. Dog lover. The passions to travel started when she was young, traveling her parents. An active skier. Book lover (she pushes them all around wardrobes with clothes). A master’s degree in international tourism (UAM, Poland). Instagram.

Travel dream: New Zealand (south island)

Travels open me to dissimilarity. Travels enrich me with experience and knowledge that I would never get, sitting at home.

Thanks to travels, I get to know cultures, regions and cuisines. Thanks to travelling, I admire the beauty of our planet. I also see the degradation. Pollution, poverty, exploitation.

I would like to have an impact on it. I would like to change myself and others to be a bit better for Planet Earth. Let’s give future generations the chance to enjoy what we can. The first step to change is education and information. The more we know, we read about the problem the more we feel the need to change. Then just act. Step by step, but I want you to believe that your change matters.

During my travels, and now also the emigration, I also discover a psychological aspect. I can see how travels affect the quality of life, the psyche, how it shapes opinions.

The number of difficult life situations, traumatic experiences and emotional contributed to the fact that I started my 6-year psychotherapy at the age of 22 after a nervous breakdown in Portugal.

Thanks to travel, we do not discover the truth about ourselves, but we certainly learn a lot about ourselves, about our skills and preferences.



A real Poznań lover, an animal lover, a traveler. She is interested in architecture, culture and art. In her free time she reads detective stories (and old chronicles of Poznań). She has been practicing various sports since she was a child: skiing, tennis, horse riding, rollerblading, cycling, swimming. In addition, she is passionate about photography. She also has many beautiful pictures on her account. Instagram  A graduate of history of art at the CSWU in Warsaw.

Travel dream: Tuscany

Why Kiwi?
It’s probably obvious. Kiwi is a symbol of New Zealand. A beautiful, distant, wild country, giving hope for a real adventure.

In fact, the story of this name is quite funny. Thinking about the name, we thought about something close related to  travels. Kiwi immediately came to me head, but the opinions were divided. It supposed to be something typically travel. So there were such ideas as: Globtroter (too long), Globus (too obvious). In the end, we chose the name Azymut. Easy, without Polish characters, translatable to English, short. Simply perfect. So what were our surprises as after 3 months from submitting the application, the Court sent a letter that our name is already occupied (despite prior checking). We were given a week to come up with a new name.

And every day Kiwi came back to me when I was thinking about it. Sweet, fluffy Kiwi.

A synonym of my biggest dream. So Kiwi won 🙂

Our story

The idea for meetings came spontaneously. In fact, all my (Monika) professional plans, which I was working so diligently collapsed in September 2014.

That day, with a lot of anger and even more energy I decided to do something useful and at the same time interesting. To be honest, I wanted to do meetings with travellers primarily for myself. I love to travel and listen to stories about remote countries. However, I noticed how it works positively on people. I believed that our meetings could bring something to the lives of other people. We can motivate, encourage, and make dreams come true.

I would like someone to come and say that thanks to Kiwi he/she went on a journey of life.

Currently (since 2018) Kiwi does not organize meetings anymore, due to the “relocation” to Australia. However, all the time we do blog, advise and create a sustainable Travel World around us.



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