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Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road is one of the 10 most beautiful scenic routes in the world. Supposedly. Is it actually? It's a matter of taste. However, it is clear that the charm can not be denied.   GOR is more or less 243 km long and stretches from Torquay to Warrnambool,...



Melbourne is an amazing city. Full of nooks and crannies. However, at first glance, there are not many tourist attractions here. The most important ones include the CBD with skyscrapers, shops and restaurants; Botanical Garden, Federation Square, meeting place and...

Private tour guide

If you dream of a trip to Australia, you would like to see all these beautiful places, pat the koala, try local wines, but you do not know how to plan such a trip – write to me.

I am a guide with several years of experience. I worked, among others for Itaka and Rainbow. I will gladly prepare a preliminary (and then a final intinerary) travel plan, help find cheap flights and advise on how to organize a visa, transit and transport around the country.

I will also be happy to be your guide here – if you do not feel strong enough to explore alone ๐Ÿ™‚

Write to me on monika.kaczmarek07@gmail.com or on Facebook