How to prepare a ROAD TRIP in Australia?

How to prepare a ROAD TRIP in Australia?

Australia is a vast country. You can explore it by flying from one city to another, but it's best to rent a car or camper van. Road trip is a very popular form of travel, but the huge distance between larger cities, changing weather conditions,...

Private tour guide

If you dream of a trip to Australia, you would like to see all these beautiful places, pat the koala, try local wines, but you do not know how to plan such a trip – write to me.

I am a guide with several years of experience. I worked, among others for Itaka and Rainbow. I will gladly prepare a preliminary (and then a final intinerary) travel plan, help find cheap flights and advise on how to organize a visa, transit and transport around the country.

I will also be happy to be your guide here – if you do not feel strong enough to explore alone 🙂

Write to me on monika.kaczmarek07@gmail.com or on Facebook

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