Kiwi is a blog about sustainable travel, emigration and living in harmony with each other and myself.

I also try to introduce problems in the field of ecology, climate change, crises in the world, travel ethics and sex tourism.

My offer

Taking advantage of the broad theoretical knowledge acquired during studies in Poland, Portugal and Australia, as well as empirical knowledge acquired at work in a travel agency and as a pilot and during my own travels, I transformed my great passion to create unique programs for trips to work. I have been advising and planning short- and long-term trips to almost every corner of the world for years.

Trip planning

Personalized trip plan, useful information, a list of things to take. Check the pattern, do not order a pig in a poke!

Destination report

A wide range of reports on selected destinations. Inside: useful information, tips, interesting facts, visa information, threats in the region. Can’t find your destination? Order it!

English online

I live, work and study in Australia. I have two language certificates and experience in working with young people as a tutor. Do you want to improve your English? Write to me!

Establish cooperation

Kiwi is a blog about travels, the life of an immigrant on a suitcase, an eternal student. This is a blog about acceptance and respect for otherness and the world around us. The limits we set for ourselves. About the Polish-Mexican relationship. I have been implementing the principles of minimalism and sustainable consumerism for a year. They are interested in Fair Trade brands both in the field of fashion and the food industry.

I also write about psychotherapy and self-improvement on the website. The multitude of difficult life situations contributed to the fact that I started my 6-year psychotherapy at the age of 22 after a nervous breakdown in Portugal. 

I am passionate about nature, its degradation worries me. I am a forest creature and I spend every free moment outside house. I love mountains in the winter. Downhill skiing is my second love.

I love trying new things, now I have started producing organic soap and am trying to learn how to skate on roller skates 🙂 I love books and despite my passion for minimalism, I stuff the books in the wardrobes and closets, and I took all their suitcase with books to Australia.

I am happy to establish cooperation with brands that the idea of ​​Fair Trade, minimalism or sustainable travel are same impotrant. My website is mainly visited by young women, but also middle-aged people interested in travelling, studying abroad and emigration.

I am open to cooperation proposals that could be valuable to me and my readers. We currently live in Australia. Earlier, we lived in England, Poland and Portugal. My husband is Mexican, together we are an interesting team with an extremely open view of the world. What I can offer potential advertisers:


– product / service tests and reviews (we can also carry out such tests while traveling)

– sponsored posts

– product placement in photos and vlogs

– photorelation with the client’s product

– competition on blog, Facebook or Instagram

– sponsored trip / photo report

– long-term partnership cooperation / brand ambassador

– series of thematic articles

Private tour guide

If you dream of a trip to Australia, you would like to see all these beautiful places, pat the koala, try local wines, but you do not know how to plan such a trip – write to me.

I am a guide with several years of experience. I worked, among others for Itaka and Rainbow. I will gladly prepare a preliminary (and then a final intinerary) travel plan, help find cheap flights and advise on how to organize a visa, transit and transport around the country.

I will also be happy to be your guide here – if you do not feel strong enough to explore alone 🙂

Write to me on monika.kaczmarek07@gmail.com or on Facebook

Monika, the tour guide one of its kind! ❤
We asked for help with choosing the best honeymoon destination. We received lots of information and advice, as well as essential facts and opinion based on personal experiences. Ultimately, we chose Indonesia and it was the best choice. Knowledge and professionalism. I highly recommend travelling with Kiwi! ❤
Angelika Wieloch

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