Let's go!

Travel meetings

Project goal:

The purpose and main task of Travel Meetings is to show that it is worth dreaming, because every dream can be fulfilled.
The invited speakers present in an interesting way the furthest corners of the world (but also the little-known Polish landscape – often overlooked in such initiatives), unusual traditions, the hardships of the trip and the practical aspect of non-commercial travel (we put a lot of emphasis on practical parades because this element is missing in many travel projects ). In this way, we want to encourage you to spend time actively, get out of the chains of traditional organized holidays, and what’s more, to be a “window” to the world for those who are not able to travel.

Meeting program:
1. Guest speech (multimedia presentation, photo slideshow or film)
2. Common conversation, questions to the presenter
3. Additional attractions related to the presented area, region, country, etc.

We hope to become an inspiration for many dreamers who are afraid to take this first, most difficult step towards adventure and to be a kind of practical guide in planning both distant and close trips.


Karolina – CEO, Adrian – video, Damian Wolf Wagabunda – traveller, Filip – photography, Monika – CEO


Integrating people with similar passions, developing these passions through cooperation, education and broadening horizons on many levels (traveling, exploring the world, protecting national heritage, culture, art, the natural environment, etc.) and showing alternative ways of spending time.

In this way, we want to encourage young people to spend time actively, in the open air (which may also reduce a problem of obesity), parents to have fun with their children and spend a little more time with them. This will strengthen family ties, but also awaken creative thinking in both children and adults.


We exist to broaden horizons, to change a view of the World, to help develop our passions. The biggest problems that we want to face are:

  • the inability to spend free time in a different way than just before the silver screen of a computer, tablet, smartphone,
  • underestimation of what you have,
  • lack of creative thinking,
  • rush through life that will effectively prevent us from spending time with children, friends,
  • lack of respect for animals and their bad treatment.

We implement our plans through interesting articles, educational workshops, and travel meetings. These are not stories from the holidays, but from the journey not only deep into the wilderness, but also into the depths of our own souls, our own fears and desires.

Kiwi is guided by such values as: respect for the World around us, tolerance, optimism, openness, respect, responsibility, generosity (“More happiness goes from giving than from receiving” the Bible).

What distinguishes us is the approach to the problem.

Our motto is the words of Confucius:

“Tell me and I will forget.

Show – I will remember.

Let me take part and … you will stir up my thirst.”