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Editor’s note

This beautiful magazine is created out of a passion for sustainable life, travel, and the beauty of nature. How we live and travel reflects on the future of our planet.

Journeys enrich us with experience and knowledge which we will never get, sitting at home. But with the privilege of travelling, we must also have respect for the communities visited and their differences.

Thanks to travels, I get to know cultures, regions and cuisines. I admire the beauty of our Planet. I also see the degradation, pollution, poverty, exploitation.

I would like to have an impact on it, make a difference. We cannot change the whole world but we can start with ourselves. To make what once thrived, will flourish again. Let’s give future generations the chance to enjoy what we have. The first step into transformation is information. The more we know, we read the more we feel the need for change.

Thank you and I hope you will enjoy reading! I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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Issue 1

Fair Trade

In our first issue we decided to raise this topic of Fair trade because in present times, times of consumerism and fast-moving materialism, we participants of this entire shopping machine, do not pay attention to where the products that go to our basket come from. Once, when buying milk, you went to the countryside, you saw a farmer milking a cow, you saw cows. We don’t see the farmer or the cow anymore.

Times have unfortunately changed, creating opportunities for exploitation, unequal treatment, and sometimes even slavery.

When we think about fair trade we often think about the clothing industry, about child labour and exploitation. But Fair Trade does not stop on clothing. Fair Trade applies to all areas of life. Clothes, food, cosmetics, furniture, services, travels.

Fair trade is an arrangement made to give an equal chance for producers from developing countries to sell their products on equitable conditions.

Fair Trade means equal and safe work environment for everyone, sustainable development, respect.



Monika Nateras – Kaczmarek

Agata Kurek – KokoWorld – fair trade clothes designer

Aleksander Dykczak – Azores

Mpumi Sitwayi – Bulungula Lodge

Lorena Diaz Alva

Amaziasizamoria Jumail – Orangutans from Borneo 

The responsible travel team – Kopi Luwak


Issue 2


In our second issue, we decided to focus on Changes, which occur around us but also on new habits we can implement to harmonise better with nature.

Suddenly, the world is struggling with a situation that no one was ready for. Almost everyone has been affected to some extent by the coronavirus pandemic that began in 2019 and continues until mid-2020. Everything has changed. The current situation, restrictions on travelling, limitations on moving even in the immediate vicinity, prompted many to rethink the lifestyle we had before the pandemic. Unexpectedly, the animals began to appear where they had not been seen in years, carbon dioxide pollution dropped to levels that scientists long ago stopped dreaming of.

Will the present situation have a positive impact on our behaviour in the future? What changes does the Earth and us need in order to coexist in balance?


Monika Nateras – Kiwi

Nuraini Arsad – Teja on the horizon

Liyana Salleh – Fuze Ecoteer

Karolina Kaczmarek – Słowianka Poznańska

Gordon Hempton – Quiet Parks

Jake Haupert – Transformational Travel

Katie Morrison – CPAWS