A one year trip to Australia. What am I really afraid of?

Jan 4, 2019Australia EN blog

An annual trip to Australia.

January, 2017

It sounds fascinating and certainly will be. But for now I am here, in Poland, with my family, my boyfriend, my friends. Ahead, a trip for a year or longer (or shorter). A lonely trip (yes, I know – I will meet new people there, it will be great, but … it’s not the same).

Does not matter whether I do leave for a year, half a year. It is a very long time anyway and the world will not stop on this occasion, my friends, the boyfriend will not fall into a winter sleep like bears and will not wait until I come back. Their lives, just as mine will continue to be, I will not take an active part in it anymore.

I’m afraid that I will miss much, that I will miss the wonderful summer that I could spend with friends, traveling somewhere around Europe, taking walks together in the early spring to the park. I am afraid that I will lose everything I have been precisely building for so many years. All these relationships.

And on the other side awaits the unknown. And probably it is so overwhelming. It is a constant feeling that you give up something familiar, safe, good for something else that will not necessarily give you happiness. But on the other hand, if I won’t go, I will never know it and I will always have a grudge against myself that I have not tried it.

Although I hope that I will bring only good memories from Australia and that I will have something to come back to.

Monika and Edgar

Monika and Edgar

Travel & migration adviser

A Pole and a Mexican living in Australia. Passionate travelers. On the blog, we talk about emigration and life in Australia and England, as well as in Mexico and Poland, about traveling and intercultural relations.
We also publish a magazine NoWhere Else, about sustainable living and traveling.


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